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Why use Vincent MacNamara Photography for your school?

School photos are important memories. Photos are the first thing most people try to save in a home emergency. 


For many companies, school photography is a numbers game. The larger companies treat school photos like a production line, with pupils  only spending a matter of seconds in front of the camera. These factory type businesses depend on the quantity of photos taken rather than the quality. It’s all about photographing the maximum number of children in the shortest possible time. Vincent believes that parents deserve more. He spends longer with each pupil - up to three minutes on average - longer if required. Now that everyone has a camera in their phone school photos need to be something special in order to stand out, and not something done as cheaply as possible. 

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These are some of the many of the benefits of dealing with Vincent MacNamara Photography.

  • Single point of contact for the school. Queries can usually be sorted out on the spot.
  • Full time Schools Professional since 1999
  • Vincent's income is dependent on the quality of photos, not the quantity like a photographer paid on a "per head" basis
  • Vincent takes studio quality photos, lit to reveal depth. Other photographers will use flat lighting because it's easier.
  • All photos taken personally by Vincent. Freelancers and part timers don't have the same commitment to the best quality
  • Parents only pay full price for the first pack they order. 50% discount on all subsequent packs including siblings
  • All processing and printing done in-house using the latest Fujifilm printer
  • No rush jobs - only one school per day. It takes time to get the best photos. 
  • Time taken with children to ensure the best possible photos. Most children relax after a minute or so. 
  • Multiple photos taken of each pose. Many photographers take one photo of each pose while children are still nervous.
  • No admin of payments needed in school. Vincent will collect all payment envelopes and provide a spreadsheet detailing all orders.
  • Parents are given an email address so they can contact Vincent directly - no need for teachers to handle queries.
  • Fully Insured
  • Garda vetted
  • Full equipment backup to ensure uninterrupted service should a piece of kit fail.
  • Free set of photos of staff members children
  • Free photos for parents that assist on the day
  • Free copies of all photos for school database if required


Vincent covers all aspects of school and college photography from preschool up to College Graduations


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