The importance of the headshot in this visual, online world can't be over stressed. Your image is your own personal brand. I am now offering a professional headshot photography service for business, actors and social media profiles in my Clondalkin studio and on location. 


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Business Headshots

For Companies

For anyone researching a business online, headshots help instill confidence. They send a strong message to potential clients and help to personalise corporate websites. Clients want to deal with real people and not anonymous companies. Headshots help present the human face of your organisation. They project an image of professionalism and pride in your team. 

For Individuals

How does your LinkedIn profile portray you? Does a mobile phone photo or cropped holiday snap convey the image of a professional or does it send out a message of someone with a lack of attention to detail? As the saying goes "You only get one chance to make a first impression". Your headshot should present a confident, competent and approachable individual. Make sure your personal brand is as strong as possible.


Business Headshots Pricing:

20 - 30 minute studio session with one change of clothes and one finished headshot €75

45 - 60 minute studio session with 2 changes of clothes and three finished headshots €130

Extra retouched headshots from your session €35 each.

On location session in your own offices available from €75 per head (3 people or more), with discounts of up to 50% for larger numbers of people.


Actors Headshots

For actors the headshot is of critical importance. A good headshot won't get you a part, but the it can grab a casting directors attention when choosing actors to audition for a role. In the era of the internet you need to use every tool available to get noticed. You'll be competing for castings against people that have a portfolio of professional images available. 



Actors Headshots Pricing:

30 minute studio session with one change of clothes, lighting changes and one finished headshot €100. Extra retouched headshots from your session €35 each.

1 hour studio session with one change of clothes, lighting changes, one change of background and two retouched headshots €130. Extra retouched headshots from your session €35 each.

2 hour mixed studio / outdoor session (weather permitting) with lighting changes, 3-4 changes of clothes, one change of background and three finished headshots €250

20% discount on Actors Headshots for drama school students

Social Media Headshots

15-20 minute studio session, one finished headshot €60. 

For bookings or enquiries please email [email protected] or click here  to go to the contact page or you can call Vincent on 087-2579778 

All prices based on shoots taking place in normal business hours. Evening and weekend pricing available on request.